About Me

Born in 1972.
Friend of cats.
Left hand dominated.
Father. Designer. Artist. Maker. Builder.

My name is Timothy Aaron Brenner or simply, Tim. Or if you were my grandma, Timoshi.

I can trace my interest in being creative back to my early high school days where most of my friends where far more gifted at drawing than I was. I was inspired by what seemed their natural talent to easily illustrate anything that came to mind. Another big inspiration were skateboard graphics and the culture that surrounded skating in the mid 1980s. It was also pretty fascinating to be involved in this all while living in Japan on an Air Force base. I grew up mostly overseas (4th grade through my second year in college) and consider myself lucky to have experienced all my early phases of creativity in such diverse environments as Japan and Germany. As much as I would have loved my break dance skills to stay intact they’ve somewhat diminished with time. I’m sorry.

I am active and experienced in wood working, welding and soldering, silkscreen, photography and video. I’ve lived in Portland longer than anywhere else and feel fortunate to live in such a creative city with my family.

I’ve always sought the opportunity to create something from nothing more than an idea and feel lucky to be working in the creative field that helps nourish and build upon this ability.

I do not play the saxophone (either alto or tenor) and I’ve never been in a band. I do enjoy some R&B and soul music however.

You can also find me on behance. Adobe thanks you.

About Merun.timb@gmail.com